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Preeti will facilitate you to understand the root cause of your problem and why you landed being overweight. The process of coaching & integrative health approach will help you create a road-map that is self-directive, driven by intrinsic motivation to make lifestyle behavioral changes so that you can have a better quality of life. You will better understand how your relationship with food and what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, who you eat with and why you eat essentially affects your health.

Coaching with Preeti Rao, World Renowned Integrative Health Expert & Wellness Coach

  • Highly personalised and a self paced program backed by science and research

  • Create an environment that fosters readiness to change and anchors motivation to be smoke free

  • Identify your smoking triggers and replace them with healthy alternatives.

  • Co-develop resources that empower you to quit smoking

  • Develop healthy lifestyle modifications that increase your ability to manage life positively without tobacco dependence

  • Stay supported in maintaining the status of being Tobacco free for life

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*Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.

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Preeti Rao

Preeti Rao (MA, MS)

• Integrative Health Expert
• Wellness Management Expert, USA.
• Internationally renowned Health & Wellness Coach, USA
• National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches, USA, Mentor Coach
• National Wellness Institute, USA, Committee Member
• Head, Health & Wellness Department, Max Hospital
• Former Reebok Brand Ambassador, India.

Winner of “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur- Health” Award, ASSOCHAM.

Coaching Options

Coaching in person
Coaching over Phone/ Video

“Change does not happen over night. Change is a process. There are no magic pills or medications that can completely eradicate your health and wellness concerns.
Together in partnership, we eradicate the root cause of disease and reduce the changes of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioural changes that last a lifetime” – Preeti Rao

*Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.

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