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Program Developers and Core Faculty

Preeti Rao,

Preeti’s career path spanning a decade in executive management roles across several countries has provided her an understanding of the global health care system crisis and the importance of preventive strategies in health promotion. She is a California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) graduate with a MA in Integrated Health Studies with specializing in Health & Wellness Coaching and Wellness Management. She is a former Reebok Fitness Brand Ambassador and is currently associated with them as their Fitness Consultant. Her authored articles have been published in Indian Today Woman, Mint, Indian Express, Business Standard, The Hindu . Afternoon DC, FWD Life Magazine to name a few.

Her previous professional work at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Atena Wellness Coaching Program, and Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic in California, USA and MAX Healthcare Hospitals has exposed her to integrative medicine clinical practice and increased her confidence in the efficacy of integrating conventional (allopathic) medicine with complimentary and alternative medicine. She is a qualified personal trainer by AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), USA and is also a certified yoga teacher by the Sivananda School of Yoga, Trivandrum, Kerala.

At Weljii Institute in collaboration with California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), USA Preeti Rao brings internationally recognized Health and Wellness Coaching Certification for the first time in India. Her mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by eradicating the root cause of disease and reduce the chances of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioral changes that last a lifetime. She is committed to the philosophy of self-care as way to empower individuals and communities to live life as a “creative event”, full of potential and hope.

Dr. Meg Jordan,

This evidence-based program is based on the first academic program to include Health and Wellness Coaching as a graduate level, masters degree in the U.S. at the innovative university in San Francisco, California Institute of Integral Studies. The program received international recognition for academic excellence by the National Wellness Institute. The curriculum was created by Dr. Meg Jordan, author of the best-selling text, How to Be A Health and Wellness Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach. She is a certified coach, behavioral medicine specialist, registered nurse and clinical medical anthropologist. Dr. Jordan is also a former health columnist for The Hindu, Global TV, author of the forthcoming Global Medicine Hunter, and many peer-reviewed articles on Health and Wellness Coaching and behavior change. Dr. Jordan is a clinical medical anthropologist, an award-winning international health journalist, behavioral medicine specialist, RN, author, and president of Global Medicine Enterprises, Inc.

Her areas of expertise include integrative medicine, behavioral medicine, health promotion, wellness and fitness. As a medical anthropologist, she specializes in the study of multidisciplinary models for integrative medicine (healing circles) and the emergence of Health and Wellness Coaches as novel agents in health behavior change. Dr. Jordan is a shared first author of the peer-reviewed National Training and Education Standards for Health and Wellness Coaching: The Path to National Certification.

Former director of Integrative Practice at the Health Medicine Center, she has a clinical practice as a behavioral health specialist and certified coach. She serves on numerous editorial review boards and professional membership boards. She is past co-president of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), on the Executive Board of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), USA and the Leadership Council of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. She received the Circle and Leadership Service Award and earned one of the first Certified Wellness Professional (CWP) standings from NWI.

Adjunct Faculty

Linda Bark,

Linda Bark is a Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and a Board Certified Nurse Coach (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation). She has more than 25 years of coaching experience in her private practice as well as 20 years of training coaches nationwide. Throughout her career, Linda has pioneered new professional health pathways. In 1970, she started a nursing private practice and in the 80s she worked to introduce holistic nursing to hospitals. In the 90s, she led medical tours to China, lived in China to discover how to help Westerners create a context for Eastern healing, and served as a consultant to organizations nationwide on how to start integral healing centers.

Linda recently received recognition for her book and Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’s course companion, The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health and Success, which was awarded an American Journal of Nursing 2012 Book of the Year for Professional Development and Issues. Linda’s integral/ holistic coaching model is an innovative and unique approach to co-creating learning experiences that empower people and help them feel and maintain a sense of ease, fun and fulfillment. At Weljii Institute she is one of the Adjunct Faculty Members, where she teaches the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification Program along with several other advance courses.

Ready to start your journey as health and wellness coach