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We understand the individuality of each person and their needs. A Health & Wellness Coach can help you to create a ‘Health and Wellness’ road map that is unique to your life stage.

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Health and Wellness Coaching is part of a 4 trillion dollar industry and cited as the most emerging healthcare profession. Get a globally recognized certificate and become a part of an exploding industry with endless opportunities!

We partner with you to offer Health and Wellness Coaching powered wellness programs with a whole person approach on stress management, healthy eating, weight management, quit smoking, technology detoxification, disease prevention and much more for healthier and happier employees.

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Preeti Rao
Founder and CEO

In the words of Ms. Preeti Rao, “Health and Wellness Coaching is the need of the hour today. As India faces the impact of a growing economy and rapidly growing urban centres, the shift in lifestyles has resulted in greater stress on our health balance. Incorrect lifestyle choices are giving rise to greater lifestyle diseases and the already burdened medical industry is unable to offer preventive or sustained care for people suffering from this. Health and Wellness Coaching is the most effective way to address this great gap. While we want to offer solutions to people, we also realize that we need to create more skilled professionals who can also take up the mantle and contribute greatly to the Health and Wellness industry as individual coaches or consultants with hospitals, medical facilities, corporates, universities, schools, and communities at large.”

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