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At ‘Weljii’ you can pair up with your coach who uses the science of behavioral change, matched with evidence based nutrition, exercise, stress management techniques, and to help you create your personal road-map to recovery and wellness all holistically and naturally.

Weljii acknowledges the importance of not only physical, but also emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of health, and seeks to support the patient in exploring these dimensions. Its aim is to bring that to the patient via the Health and Wellness Coaching model. This kind of integrated approach encourages personal growth and the development of greater health awareness.

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Chronic stress can cause a variety of symptoms and can affect your overall health and wellbeing. Health and Wellness Coaching will assist you in understanding your life stressors and help you to change your mindset towards stress. Your coach will also assist you in finding unique ways of addressing stressors and equip you with tools that will lead to an improved quality of life.

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Preeti Rao

Preeti Rao


Mentor Coach, NWI International Committee Member

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Powered by Preeti Rao, and supported by a panel of internationally trained Health and Wellness Coaches.

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“Our trained coaches help you to change lifestyle habits leading to improved health outcomes by focusing on underlining causes and not just the symptoms.”

*Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.