Julie V

 Associate Faculty

Weljii Institute

Julie is an Integrative Health Specialist & Licensed Health Coach. She completed her Master’s in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2017, where her thesis was focused on the gut microbiome and how it directly effects long term health. She became a true believer in the power of diet, lifestyle, and a root-cause approach to treating chronic disease and was amazed to find it was supported by peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Her business is Julie V Balanced Living and she offers private coaching, group coaching, on-line seasonal detoxes with emphasis and research on the gut microbiome. She’s on a mission to educate people about the less-than-optimal practices of the food industry and empowers them to ditch diets and just eat real whole food.

She is passionate about inspiring all to discover harmony in their lives by owning their own state of health. Developing deep awareness to create long lasting lifestyle changes is the key to vitality. This life shift allows people to define success and fulfillment in their own terms. Learning to practice at life is learning to live. Experience how our habits become our teachers.

Julie engages her audience as she shares her 30 years of experience in corporate sales, leadership roles, parenting, mentoring and coaching. While she includes a wealth of practical knowledge to her coaching style, she also offers a versatile range of coaching programs and services, speaking engagements and retreats.

She also holds a BA in Communications from Purdue University her certifications as a Health & Wellness Coach from The American Academy of Anti-Aging in Miami Florida and The Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City. In addition, Julie is also a certified Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor. She also keeps updated with the latest research in the Integrative Health field by attending conferences regularly.