Abhimanyu Raghav

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    Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Weljii


    A journey that started with the quest to achieve the true meaning of wellness and realising it in real life to becoming a public figure through his participation in MTV Roadies, this is the riveting story of Abhimanyu Raghav and how health and wellness coaching transformed his life.

    Why did you join Health Coaching?

    The answer to this is multifaceted and rooted in my desire to understand a wider view of health and wellness that would allow me to break free from the shackles of my limiting beliefs related to health and the impact it had on my wellbeing.

    While being interested in the various nuances of attaining a better state of health or being after the transformative moment of deciding to drop out of college, I found out I lacked the appropriate approach towards it. I developed a passion for health and fitness but lacked the correct approach and mentorship to learn more about it and what it truly stands for. I needed clarity in not just bringing the various elements of my health in line but also my self-beliefs to better shape my future which eventually did take me to the path of auditioning for MTV Roadies and making the most out of it.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your Profession?

    Prior to joining the program, I had a very narrow view of what health and wellness was and didn't fully understand the impact of various facets of my life, including the behavioural patterns and mental health, on my overall wellbeing.

    Now I carry a very holistic view and perception of what health actually means, which has allowed me to expand my horizons and make space for self-evolution. My actions and thoughts have been influenced along with my beliefs to accommodate the true meaning of health and wellness, which I try to inculcate in my daily life.

    Additional Comments

    Health and wellness coaching has allowed me to become more aware of not just me but the surroundings and the importance of creating dialogue around issues such as mental health and spiritual health. Imbibing that spirit and my own beliefs, I speak about and address the various facets of mental, emotional health and spiritual health in different colleges and events.

    I have been making efforts in making the different generation groups aware of the importance of mental health and its implications on overall wellness to pass on my learnings to others. Helping others better understand health and wellness to make the most out of it by creating awareness about it is an integral part of my life wherein I am passing my real-life experiences to others.

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