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    Weljii is India's leading Health & Wellness Coach Institute. We offer ‘Health and Wellness Coaching Certification and Training Programs that train health professionals and wellness enthusiasts to explore opportunities in the current industry and expand personal horizons to help others live a healthy and well life. We assist our coaches in the creation of their personal identity and financial independence through a combination of courses, and upskilling programs. Weljii Institute trains its coaches to understand not only the complete and integrated medical history, and lifestyle choices, but also an individual's personal, cultural, and emotional makeup.

    “Our focus is to provide cutting edge evidenced based Health and Wellness Education that fosters prevention and management of lifestyle diseases from a 360-degree holistic perspective for corporates and professionals.” – Preeti Rao, Founder, Weljii

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    What We Believe


    We create world-class health and wellness coaches by, skilling them with education, skills, tools, and resources to be successful and helping them transform lives doing what they love.


    Skill 2 Million Health and Wellness Coaches in India and enable them to have fulfilling careers and coaching businesses that they truly love and feel empowered by the facilitation of lifestyle habit changes in their clients leading to improved health outcomes and well-being.


    Activate holistic wellness and abundance in all areas of life with positivity -physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by focusing on cultivating growth, empowerment, and transformation for self and the clients.

    History of Weljii


    Preeti Rao enters Max Hospitals as a Wellness Consultant and Health and Wellness Coach. This is history in the making when health coaching is offered for the very first time in a hospital setting alongside leading healthcare experts and Doctors. The need for more qualified health coaches drove Preeti to start Weljii in the latter part of 2016.

    15 students flew and come from all across India to understand and learn Health and Wellness Coaching from Preeti Rao MA MS and Dr. Meg Jordan. This was India’s first-ever Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate program. Leading publications announced and welcomed this initiative. Weljii receives the Best Wellness Company Award – Global Listing from World Health and Wellness Congress.

    Weljii signs MOU with Reliance Jio to bring Wellness Coaching mainstream to the common man. Weljii also enters into a collaboration with Max Hospitals to offer Health and Wellness Coaching to all patients with lifestyle conditions. Weljii Certified coaches coached over 5000 patients in one year, with over 16 wellness programs offered to individuals and corporates. International students begin to seek training at Weljii- Students from the USA, Europe, Nepal, Pakistan, and Australia start to enrol.

    Collaborated with Healthcare Sector Skill Council under the ambit of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to make Health and Wellness Coaching a mainstream profession. Weljii Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program becomes India’s first and only approved program by industry leaders and experts. CEO, Ashish Jain, HSSC sites Health Coaching the top 5 skills they want to upskill India in the Healthcare Space.

    With the onset of Covid19, Weljii surges forward to create more skilled coaches to bridge the gap between doctors and patients seeking a holistic lifestyle change. Weljii continues to offer Wellness programs to leading organizations. Our certification program becomes India’s first NBHWC, USA course meeting stringent global standards.

    Preeti Rao, Founder Weljii receives the “Women Transforming India” Award by Niti Ayog and United Nations. The Health and Wellness Coaching Professional gets national acclaim and recognition.

    Weljii announces its’ Coaching Business Mastery Program offered in collaboration with Sharda Launchpad.

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    Preeti Rao

    Founder and CEO

    In the words of Ms. Preeti Rao, “Health and Wellness Coaching is the need of the hour today. As India faces the impact of a growing economy and rapidly growing urban centres, the shift in lifestyles has resulted in greater stress on our health balance. Incorrect lifestyle choices are giving rise to greater lifestyle diseases and the already burdened medical industry is unable to offer preventive or sustained care for people suffering from this. Health and Wellness Coaching is the most effective way to address this great gap. We realize that we need to create skilled professionals who can take up the mantle and contribute greatly to the Health and Wellness industry as individual coaches or consultants with hospitals, medical facilities, corporates, universities, schools, and communities at large.”

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