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    Weljii is the receipt of 50 Best Wellness Company award – Global listing – for innovation in healthcare and a client-centered model. Weljii’s primary focus is facilitating lifestyle behavior change via the Health and Wellness Coaching Model that enables you to enjoy improved quality of life and health outcomes. At Weljii you can pair up with a coach who uses science of behavior change matched with evidenced-based nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques to help you create a personal roadmap to recovery and wellness all holistically and naturally. We offer Health and Wellness Coaching programs for individuals and organizations for sustainable lifestyle habits formation on weight, fitness, stress, sleep, depression, Diabetes, Healthy Heart, and much more!

    “Our focus is to provide cutting edge evidenced based Health and Wellness Services and Education that foster prevention and management of lifestyle diseases from a 360 degree holistic perspective for corporates and professionals. ” – Preeti Rao, Founder, Weljii

    Weljii acknowledges the importance of not only physical, but emotional, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of health and seeks to support its clients in exploring these dimensions. This kind of integrated approach encourages personal growth and development of greater health awareness.

    Weljii revolutionizes health prevention by supporting you with programs developed by internationally reputed health and wellness experts.

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    “ At Weljii we understand that each individual is unique and requires personalized care. Change does not happen over-night but is process. Health and Wellness Coaches are advocates of Sustainable Lifestyle Change that facilitates an improved quality of life and wellbeing. Start your personal wellness transformation journey with us today” Preeti Rao, Founder & CEO, Weljii

    Apart from offering health & wellness coaching for individuals, groups and organizations, Weljii also offers Health and Wellness Coach Certification and Training Programmes, giving a chance to individuals to become certified Health & Wellness Coaches. Weljii Institute is the only institute of its kind to offer coaching in Health and Wellness, taking in the complete and integrated medical history, lifestyle choices, as well as personal, cultural and emotional make-up of an individual.

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    Preeti Rao

    Founder and CEO

    In the words of Ms. Preeti Rao, “Health and Wellness Coaching is the need of the hour today. As India faces the impact of a growing economy and rapidly growing urban centres, the shift in lifestyles has resulted in greater stress on our health balance. Incorrect lifestyle choices are giving rise to greater lifestyle diseases and the already burdened medical industry is unable to offer preventive or sustained care for people suffering from this. Health and Wellness Coaching is the most effective way to address this great gap. While we want to offer solutions to people, we also realize that we need to create more skilled professionals who can also take up the mantle and contribute greatly to the Health and Wellness industry as individual coaches or consultants with hospitals, medical facilities, corporates, universities, schools, communities at large.”

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