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    abhimanyu raghav

    Abhimanyu Raghav

    Profession: Public Figure

    A journey that started with the quest to achieve the true meaning of wellness and realising it in real life to becoming a public figure through his participation in MTV Roadies, this is the riveting story of Abhimanyu Raghav and how health and wellness coaching transformed his life.

    From uncertainty to clarity and the ability to navigate the different unfolding chapters of his life, as the youngest health and wellness coach in India, Abhimanbyu Raghav went through some life-defining shifts in his ideologies and practices to carve his present and future. Let’s hear about his journey.

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    dr renuka anvekar

    Dr. Renuka Anvekar

    Profession: Ayurveda Doctor and Academician

    This is the story of a seasoned and experienced Ayurveda practitioner, Dr. Renuka, who, in her pursuit of finding the best approach for more effectively helping her patients to hit their desired health goals, stumbled upon health and wellness coaching and extracted the most out of it.

    This experience of Dr. Renuka entails understanding and adapting a process that enables others to take desired steps and jump over behavioural hurdles, which, when corroborated with her existing expertise, created a more comprehensive approach that could be used in her practice. Let's hear about her journey and the additional learnings that she gained through our program.

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    Aman Doda

    Aman Doda

    Profession: Wellness Entrepreneur

    Building a thriving virtual ecosystem of coaches and students with the right tools and resources as an addition to his existing expertise in the body transformation space entails the health and wellness certification journey of Aman Doda.

    The story of Aman is about upskilling, constantly learning, leveraging and taking his personal and professional journey to another level by expertly navigating the much-needed transition during the pandemic from an offline business model to a virtual one. Let's hear more from him about the shifts he experienced and the transformations he witnessed through the program.

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