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    Wellness Entrepreneur


    Building a thriving virtual ecosystem of coaches and students with the right tools and resources as an addition to his existing expertise in the body transformation space entails the health and wellness certification journey of Aman Doda.

    The story of Aman is about upskilling, constantly learning, leveraging and taking his personal and professional journey to another level by expertly navigating the much-needed transition during the pandemic from an offline business model to a virtual one. Let's hear more from him about the shifts he experienced and the transformations he witnessed through the program.

    Why did you join Health Coaching?

    I was already involved with helping people with their health and body transformation and building a team on the backend to spread the efforts to a larger group of people. However, things became a little haywire during the pandemic, and amidst the chaos, some bad habits started creeping their way into my lifestyle.

    I realized a need to implement some tools and processes to better help my clients mitigate this phase of instability and maintain a holistic sense of well-being along with getting my systems back on track. Health and wellness coaching seemed like the perfect way to achieve that, and I am glad that my learnings from there not only elevated my habits but also positively impacted my team of coaches when applied to them.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your profession?

    There has been a tremendous impact of health and wellness coaching in the systems and approach I have in place in my business, influenced by my takeaways from the program. Most importantly, Referrals and word of mouth work like a charm when it comes to wellness space which can only happen when you do justice to your client by effectively helping them get results and also maintain them through sustained efforts.

    While I observed considerable business growth throughout the years, the knowledge and tools I got from the certification program boosted my referrals since there was a highly systemized approach in place regarding coaching. I also passed this learning on to my team to ramp up their consistency and efficiency of the business. Overall, I gained practical knowledge that found its application in my profession to take it up a notch.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your personality?

    Health and wellness coaching has helped me create some great habits that anyone can benefit from, as these lay the foundation for long term bigger impacts. I have developed a more eagle-eye view of the matter at hand and finding the reasons at play for causing it, which ultimately translates into better assisting my clients and team through a further refined approach. I emerged confidently from the transition during the pandemic with my own sets of learning from the challenges, and health and wellness coaching greatly influenced that.

    Additional Comments

    After completing the program, I could see and observe its practical implementation in my professional life but also the transformations of numerous individuals my team and I were facilitating.

    The tools and resources that I got acquainted with during the program were transferable to other people and my team, wherein we could actually track the progress. One coach from my team, whom I have known for over five years, got better with time management and his work consistency, reflecting positively on his progress rate during the weekly meetings.

    It served as an example of how certain behavioural changes and our approach towards our existing efforts can generate greater results down the line.

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