Dr. Renuka Anvekar

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    Ayurveda doctor and Academician


    This is the story of a seasoned and experienced Ayurveda practitioner, Dr. Renuka, who, in her pursuit of finding the best approach for more effectively helping her patients to hit their desired health goals, stumbled upon health and wellness coaching and extracted the most out of it.

    This experience of Dr. Renuka entails understanding and adapting a process that enables others to take desired steps and jump over behavioural hurdles, which, when corroborated with her existing expertise, created a more comprehensive approach that could be used in her practice. Let's hear about her journey and the additional learnings that she gained through our program.

    Why did you join Health Coaching?

    My Ayurveda practice that spans over 28 years allowed me to interact with many patients and identify specific recurring patterns and weaker links that needed to be strengthened to help them extract the most out of the consultation and treatment.

    I noticed that behavioural changes in patients by asking them pertinent questions, spotting the reasons halting their positive growth and then helping them manoeuvre it in their health recovery journey was equally important to reduce relapses.

    Health and wellness coaching had the right tools and learnings that would allow me to better communicate with patients and give them an environment where they listen effectively, understand thoroughly and recover holistically by making sustainable changes without relapsing, which is a possible concern related to lifestyle disorders. Hence, my decision to take up health and wellness coaching as an add-on to my existing practice.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your profession?

    Since I majorly deal with lifestyle disorders in my Ayurveda practice, I constantly interact with patients who come up with their own set of preconceived notions about their diagnosis and treatment since there is an overload of information on social media and the internet irrespective of whether it is true or not.

    Moreover, in many cases, a stringent lifestyle change must be made by patients to sustain their health outcomes and keep medical emergencies at bay. All of which require proper communication, the right process, and tools that lay down the foundation for the patients' journey that sets them up for success. This is what I have added to my practice after completing the health and coaching program to reduce relapses in my patients. Health and wellness coaching has contributed a valuable solution to the specific problem that I was looking to resolve in my profession as an Ayurveda doctor.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your personality?

    Besides the influence of health and wellness coaching on the professional front, I have also undergone some personal shifts in enhancing my personal goals of helping people effectively. While my years of experience and knowledge allowed me to have a holistic view towards health, health and wellness coaching enabled me to convey it effectively to others and understand their emotions which have made me more receptive to breaking down things and finding the underlying cause of any behaviour.

    Additional Comments

    My takeaways from health and wellness coaching are truly complementary to my existing knowledge and profession and very effortlessly transition into my day-to-day life as an Ayurveda doctor.

    I remember one instance just after completing the certification program that allowed me to put the tools and knowledge I had learned to practical use when one of my patients, who also happened to be a relative, was on the verge of relapse after losing 8 kgs upon being diagnosed with borderline hypertension.

    She was treading a thin line between maintenance and relapse after completing the program that she had joined specifically and was undergoing various emotions like guilt as she also heavily involved her family in the program. Herein, I could relay to her to take full responsibility for her journey and be more in control to tackle the guilt aspect of it by leveraging my learnings from the health and wellness coaching program.

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