Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program

    We are excited to let you know that our next Health and Wellness Coach Certification program is scheduled for 10th February, 2022.

    Here’s what you will learn in the Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program:

    In this health and wellness coach training, you will learn how to:

    Apply the unique and powerful coaching process. Coaching is different from therapy or counseling, nor is it just a supportive talk with a friend.

    It’s more powerful than just hearing the health facts because it helps others unlock their deep motivation for sustaining change.

    Program Highlights

    • Duration: 5 Months
    • 100 % Online
    • Learn from India’s Leading Integrative Health Expert and Wellness Coach Preeti Rao., M.A. M.S.
    • Live Sessions by National and International Faculty of Repute
    • Powered by Experiential Learning
    • Real Life Coaching Demonstrations
    • Buddy Coaching
    • Packed with Resources and tools

    Define Health and Wellness Coaching

    What it is and what it is not? And how you can pitch health coaching in your language to your clients.

    Gain Core Coaching Skills and Competencies

    Gain Core Coaching Skills and Competencies

    Understand how you can help your clients identify what they genuinely want and desire. Help them craft their health and wellness vision, explore what is meaningful, and continue the conversation in the desired direction.

    Creating Trust and Intimacy:

    Create space for clients to express themselves fully by acknowledging their work and progress and offer continuous support.

    Coaching Presence:

    Learn how you can help your clients formulate their own learnings by helping them to stay focused on what’s important.

    Whole person Holistic Approach:

    Learn how to coach your clients while considering all aspects of their lives, health, and wellbeing. Help clients to understand their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual selves.

    Active Listening:

    Learn how you can understand what your clients are REALLY saying and how you can genuinely connect with your clients by acknowledging their emotions.

    Explore Clients Behaviors, perspectives, and allow space for silence

    Learn how you can create ' Space' and 'Silence' for your clients by enabling them to incapsulate their inner wisdom, feeling and thoughts. Help them transcend almost any situation and find support through life circumstances.

    Powerful Questions:

    Gain the skill of asking powerful questions and enable your clients to connect deeply with themselves. Help them explore their strengths and abilities.

    Create Awareness:

    Help clients to build self-awareness and a growth mindset. Help them break old habits and cultivate new habits to improve their quality of life, health, and wellbeing.

    Planning, Goal Setting, and Client Accountability:

    Empower your clients to take charge and accountability for their life and health habits. Learn how you can navigate them from one session to another by helping them identify their support and resources.

    Ethics and Scope of Practice:

    Learn what falls under the ethics and scope of practice for the health and wellness coach profession as defined by NBHWC, USA.

    Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

    The program offers extensive coaching practicum/practice on how you can coach your clients on healthy living, weight loss/ management, sleep, smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, diabetes, heart health, stress, anxiety, and mental health. Get practice on how you can coach clients on real-world problems.

    What makes this program different?

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    * Participates of the program shall be eligible to sit for the NBHWC, USA National Board Exam post completing of all course levels.