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We offer ‘Health and Wellness Coaching Certification and Training Programs’ that trains health professionals and wellness enthusiasts to explore opportunities in the current industry and expand personal horizons to help others live a healthy and well life.

Recognized as India's best , our students share that the program has not only been instrumental in equipping them with the skills they need to coach others but has also lead to real lifestyle changes within them, their families and the communities they represent.

Our signature experiential learning format powered by live trainings, case studies and peer-to-peer learning gets you ready to launch yourself in the Health & Wellness Industry with endless opportunities. Get Certified and begin you practice today!

Weljii Advantages


We created the Health and Wellness Coaching Industry in India


Get coached by Leading National and International Industry Experts


Transform your live and others with sustainable lifestyle habit change


Improve Health Outcomes and over all wellbeing


Anchor all dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, social and spiritual


We create World Class Health and Wellness Coaches who service cleints globally

Being a health and wellness coach is not only one of the most rewarding careers today, but also one of the fastest growing professions around the world, since the chief cause of most illness is the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Health and wellness coaches work in wellness programs for hospitals, clinics, communities and corporations by helping others unlock their deep motivation for sustaining change.

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Our training programs are powered by behavioral science, coaching psychology, and integrative health principles that lead to healthy habits and overall wellbeing. 70%-80% of all lifestyle diseases stem from poor lifestyle choices people make. Learn how you can empower your clients to discover their own unique path to well-being, and help them create and follow self-determined action steps towards goals for healthy, fulfilling lives.

Whole Person Approach

Anchor Holistic Approach to Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual Wellness.


Client Centric & Driven Approach

Understand the individuality of each person and their needs. Learn how to create a ‘Health and Wellness’ road map that is unique to your client’s life stage by tapping into their personal strengths and abilities leading to increased motivation and self efficacy.


Evidence Based Program

Powered by Behavioral Science, Coaching psychology, Integrative Health Principles Leading to Healthy Habits.


Holistic Lifestyle Change

Learn how you can help your clients to form sustainable lifestyle habits around Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Smoking, Alcohol, Sleep, Relationships and other Habits including life purpose and meaning.


CEO Message


In the words of Ms. Preeti Rao, “Health and Wellness Coaching is the need of the hour today. As India faces the impact of a growing economy and rapidly growing urban centres, the shift in lifestyles has resulted in greater stress on our health balance. Incorrect lifestyle choices are giving rise to greater


lifestyle diseases and the already burdened medical industry is unable to offer preventive or sustained care for people suffering from this. Health and Wellness Coaching is the most effective way to address this great gap. While we want to offer solutions to coaches and organizations, we also realize that we need to create more skilled professionals who can also take up the mantle and contribute greatly to the Health and Wellness industry as individual coaches or consultants with hospitals, medical facilities, corporates, universities, schools, and communities at large.”

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Frequently asked Question about Weljii Programs

Health and wellness coaching helps clients in achieving physical, mental and relational well-being through self-driven behavioral change. The focus of health and wellness coaching is to enable sustainable, long-term change in habits and behavior.
A wellness professional who creates a safe space for clients to activate their inherent ability for positive change, helping them achieve personal health and wellness goals. Health coaches engage in behaviors that have proven success in improving health, vitality, and well-being, and preventing lifestyle diseases.
While almost everyone will benefit from the positive change a health coach brings, people with physical & emotional well-being goals, sleep disorder, anxiety and depression issues benefit the most. Health and wellness coaching helps them in achieving the targets in a time-bound manner without being coercive.
While physical well-being is a part of health and wellness coaching, the program’s main goal is to improve every aspect of the client’s life. So, health and wellness coaching also includes improving the wellness of the mind and personal relationships.
Suppose the information on our website has not convinced you about the long-term benefits of health and wellness coaching. In that case, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our certified health coaches for a more in-depth discussion about yourself and your goals.

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