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Our aim is to transform the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and organizations by enabling access to holistic health and wellness programs. We offer both health and wellness programs and coach training for individuals, organizations, wellness enthusiasts and healthcare professionals.

360 degree Holistic Approach

Our unique Health and Wellness Coaching approach focused on Behavior Change addressing the inefficiencies in most Wellness Programs. It’s time to transform your life one habit at a time.

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Make changes in life and health that matter. Explore a range of solutions catered towards lifestyle change

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How it Works?

Video sessions with Health Coaches and Experts

Video sessions with Health Coaches and Experts

Activate Personalised Program

Activate Personalised Program based on health goals, biomarkers, lifestyle and strengths

Anchor all Wellness Dimensions

Anchor all Wellness Dimensions - Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Improve Health Outcome and Wellbeing

Improve Health Outcome and Wellbeing

Stay Motivated and Inspired To Complete Your Plan

Stay Motivated and Inspired To Complete Your Plan

The Power Of Health And Wellness Coaching For Organizations



Savings On Medical Expenses

symptoms of obesity


Decline In Symptoms Of Obesity

empolyee productivity


Jump In Employee Productivity Levels



Reduction In Absenteeism



Return On Investment

For Organizations


Our holistic approach helps people lose weight, get in shape, sleep better, reduce stress, relieve money worries, have better relationships and so much more. We help businesses decrease healthcare costs and increase productivity. Investing in healthy, happy and engaged employees is certain to improve your bottom line.

Our Wellness Coach team acknowledges the importance of not only physical but also emotional, psychological, social & spiritual dimensions of your employees’ / patients’ health. This kind of integrated approach encourages personal growth & development of greater health awareness.


The focus has shifted from risk identification - such as annual health screening to risk reduction, which is where Wellness Coaching comes in. Our trained coaches help you to change lifestyle habits leading to improved health outcomes by focusing on underlying causes and not just the symptoms.

Preeti Rao - MA MS

India’s Leading Integrative Health Expert & Wellness Coach

Founder & CEO - Weljii

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Individual Clients

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Corporate Clients

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Personal Health and Wellness Training

At ‘Weljii’ you can pair up with your coach who uses the science of behavioural change, matched with evidence based nutrition, exercise, stress management techniques, and to help you to create your personal road-map to recovery and wellness all holistically and naturally.

Our focus is not quick fixes but sustainable changes that you can stick through. You will feel supported , overcome your personal barriers to change, channelized your personal strengths and get inspired to achieve your goals.

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Become a Health and Wellness Coach


Transform lives. Convert your passion into a career you love. Get certified as a health and wellness coach

Join India’s award winning Health and Wellness Coaching Certification program, recognized for its academic excellence and experiential learning. Convert your passion for helping others with health, fitness and wellness goals into a lucrative career with huge earning potential today.

Program Approvals

Global Coach Certification Program

Global Coach Certification Program

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National Coach Certification

National Coach Certification

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Nutrition Courses

Nutrition Courses

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Customized Coach Training

Customized Coach Training

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Partner with Weljii in Our Endevour to Bring a Real Change

Having coached thousands & supported hundreds of coaches & the well being environment in India, Weljii is the pioneer for Health & Wellness Coaching in India.

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Health and Wellness Coaching for Lifestyle Habit Change

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Date : 29th Nov 2022

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Coaching Career and Opportunity

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Preeti Rao, Founder, Weljii Awarded

"Women Transforming India" by Niti Aayog, Govt of India for her exemplary contributions in health and wellness

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Frequently asked Question about Weljii Programs

Health and wellness coaching helps clients in achieving physical, mental and relational well-being through self-driven behavioral change. The focus of health and wellness coaching is to enable sustainable, long-term change in habits and behavior.
A wellness professional who creates a safe space for clients to activate their inherent ability for positive change, helping them achieve personal health and wellness goals. Health coaches engage in behaviors that have proven success in improving health, vitality, and well-being, and preventing lifestyle diseases.
While almost everyone will benefit from the positive change a health coach brings, people with physical & emotional well-being goals, sleep disorder, anxiety and depression issues benefit the most. Health and wellness coaching helps them in achieving the targets in a time-bound manner without being coercive.
While physical well-being is a part of health and wellness coaching, the program’s main goal is to improve every aspect of the client’s life. So, health and wellness coaching also includes improving the wellness of the mind and personal relationships.
Suppose the information on our website has not convinced you about the long-term benefits of health and wellness coaching. In that case, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our certified health coaches for a more in-depth discussion about yourself and your goals.

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