Health and wellness coach

    Weljii health & wellness coaching pairs the science of health & wellness with the art of bringing about behavioral change. Weljii is also among the most awarded and prestigious health & wellness coaching institutions in the world, pioneering research in physical and mental wellbeing. We created the space for health & wellness coaching in India, utilizing the vast National and International experience of our founder Preeti Rao.

    Today, we are at the forefront of bringing transformative change in how people perceive mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Our evidence-based health & wellness coach training focuses on the holistic wellness of individuals in a completely natural way. Our faculty and curriculum make use of innovative experiential learning formats that help students in developing a mindset for continuous learning and open more career opportunities in the Health & Wellness Coaching industry.

    Our vision for a healthier and happier world is strengthened by the passion and commitment of our founder and core faculty, Preeti Rao. She is an award-winning integrative health expert and wellness coach. Preeti is spearheading the initiative for bringing awareness about health & wellness to the masses in India, setting standards with her cumulative expertise and position as a global wellness leader.

    What is a health & wellness coach?

    A health & wellness coach partners with clients, seeking health outcomes and wellbeing, guiding them with self-directed techniques aligned with their values. Certified wellness coaches bring about lasting behavioral changes in clients by encouraging their self-belief and self-expertise. They use a science-based, evidence-based action plan that entails frank but respectful interactions in a non-judgmental manner.

    What do health & wellness coaches do?

    When it comes to health and wellness goals, people often don't know how to achieve what they want to achieve. Health and wellness coaches help by creating a roadmap that aligns with their clients' goals and make it possible to achieve sustainable, lasting results. Today, health coaches are helping people to change bad lifestyle habits such as poor diet and lack of fitness and fight lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stress and anxiety, obesity etc. Moreover, wellness coaches are increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream healthcare industry to help reduce the pressure on Medicare institutions.

    Why do we need more health & wellness coaches in India?

    With a population of 1.4 billion and rising, India has become an epicenter for lifestyle diseases.

    Over 475 million people are suffering from problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, the most in the world. It is a medical crisis waiting to happen once the 'young population' begins ageing. Only a behavioral shift towards a healthier lifestyle can prevent that from happening, and for that, India needs more health & wellness coaches and needs them now.

    Why become a health & wellness coach with Weljii?

    While there are many online health & wellness coaching programs in India, most of them are not equipped with tools and techniques that enable lasting behavior change. That's the reason why we see no real change in the health and wellbeing of the nation and the world at large.

    Weljii delivers health and wellness coach training through advanced experiential techniques. Our faculty members are recognized globally for their contributions in the field of wellness coaching.

    We follow a holistic and integrated approach that helps you understand the neuroscience of coaching. In turn, allowing you to foster sustainable change by leveraging the inner potential of individuals you will be coaching. Moreover, our evidence-based, self-managing strategies make it possible for your clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle changes, despite repeated failed attempts in the past.

    The future of health & wellness coaching in India

    The health & wellness coaching industry is valued at USD 8.1 billion globally. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in terms of value and market spread. Even the Healthcare Sector Skill Council has identified health & wellness coaching as one of the top 5 skills it wants to cultivate under the ambit of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

    However, at present, there is a massive disparity in the demand and availability of certified health & wellness coaches in the country.With an internationally recognized health & wellness coach certification from Weljii, aspiring wellness professionals, fitness enthusiasts and individuals looking for a career change can become a part of this wave of change that is hitting our shores.

    Preeti rao

    Preeti Rao

    Founder and CEO

    Health & Wellness Coaches will be the medical navigators of the future that bridge the gap between doctors and patients. The overburdened healthcare system, with only one doctor for 1000 patients, keeps the focus on sick care with limited focus on lifestyle change and management. Health and Wellness Coaches will play a critical role in keeping healthy people stay healthy longer with healthy habits from a holistic prism that incorporates physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

    Preventive health needs to be an integrated approach, and I foresee Health and Wellness Coaches at the center of this approach that connect clients/ patients to doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists, Alternative Medicine Doctors, and other specialties and facilitate sustainable lifestyle habit formation and foster medical compliance. We need trained coaches to truly transform the health and wellbeing of India. At Weljii, we are committed to creating World Class Health and Wellness Coaches who will be instrumental in changing the health status of India as a healthy, well, and a happy nation.

    Discover why we are your best bet in your journey of becoming a certified Health & Wellness Coach?"