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    Our weight loss program will help you understand the root cause behind your weight gain. Understand why you landed being overweight and learn how to create a self-directed roadmap to recovery. Our weight loss program guides you in making behavioral changes that ultimately result in improving your health and quality of life. Explore your relationship with food – how you eat and how it affects your health?

    Weljii’s weight loss program is designed by world renowned integrative health expert and wellness coach, Preeti Rao.

    What You Get?:

    • Identify the root cause of your weight gain and not just the symptoms
    • Know your health score, be informed through a personalized body evaluation
    • Understand how anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, and lack of sleep contribute to weight gain
    • Get empowered with specific lifestyle skills that enable permanent weight loss
    • Receive a personalized nutrition plan for a balanced diet that caters to your lifestyle, age, and needs
    • Anchor healthy lifestyle habits based on scientific research instead of fad diets that leave you feeling deprived
    • Get a personalized exercise plan that is joyful and does not feel like a chore/punishment
    • Stay supported in maintaining your weight loss with sustainable results

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    Healthy Weight Management

    What is Obesity?

    Obesity or being overweight is a disorder when one's body accumulates excessive fat or weight to the extent that it causes cosmetic concern and leads to specific health issues.

    Physicians and health guides identify obesity by determining the person's BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is a simple calculation of dividing body weight by height in kgs and meter square units, respectively. A person with a high BMI is considered obese. Anyone with a BMI of 30 or more falls into this category. BMI values are gender-neutral but do not apply to kids and youngsters aged between 2 to 19 years, as they are ranked based on a separate BMI index for children.

    • Obesity may happen due to overeating or frequent consumption of fatty, carb-rich or sugary food. Moreover, not exercising regularly and having a sedentary lifestyle can also slowly lead to obesity. There are non-dietary causes of obesity as well, such as genetic and psychological disorders, certain medications, and lifestyle diseases.
    • Obesity can also happen due to hectic lifestyle that includes excessive working hours, sitting jobs, unscheduled meals and erratic sleep patterns. All of these combined take a toll on your health and can lead to unwanted increase in weight.
    • Obesity can have physical and psychological implications. Being overweight not only brings physical discomfort but also leads to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardio-vascular problems, musculoskeletal disorders and in some extreme and rare cases, cancers.
    • Obesity has been found in children, as well. Kids who are overweight tend to suffer from severe social and psychological pressure which can affect their activity levels and cause problems like hypertension, shortness of breath, weakened bone structure, and development of insulin resistance.
    • Childhood obesity should be taken more seriously because apart from its immediate effects it can also lead to future complications. Obesity in children can also increase the chances of being affected by lifestyle disorders from an early age, developing certain kinds of disabilities, and can even cause premature death.

    Symptoms of Obesity

    It is rather difficult to measure body fat. We cannot physically look at a person and decide if they are overweight or obese. So, we rely on a BMI calculator to determine obesity. Anyone with a BMI of 18.5 or less is underweight, whereas, a person with BMI score of 30 or more is classified as obese.

    Other than calculating BMI, health and wellness experts also look out for symptoms of obesity. These symptoms are not exclusive but may give a prior indication of the condition.

    Sleep Apnea

    Obesity can cause a lot of discomfort, especially while sleeping. Overweight people often suffer from a condition called Sleep Apnea, a critical sleeping disorder in which breathing starts and stops repeatedly. It may lead to very loud snoring. People suffering from Sleep Apnea often feel tired and restless despite a full night's sleep.

    Problem Breathing

    Excess body fat around the neck and chest can make obese people feel stuffy by making it difficult to breath freely and deeply. It happens because the extra fat restricts the airflow in and out of the lungs. In the long run, it can lead to severe respiratory problems. So, if you are overweight and are having trouble breathing, immediately seek expert help.


    Our backbone balances the torso over our lower body. Putting on extra weight around the abdomen creates pressure on the pelvis, hence, arching and straining the lower back. This leads to frequent back pains in obese people. If left untreated, obesity can lead to acute back problems like spondylitis or even cause a vertebrae fracture.

    Knee Ache

    Our legs and knees bear the weight of our body, so, it's obvious that an increase in weight will lead to unwanted pressure on the lower joints. Most people suffering from obesity also suffer from knee pain. That's why we recommend consulting a health expert for weight loss as certain self-help exercises for weight loss can put further pressure on your knee joints and make it worse.

    Skin Problems

    A high BMI may have many adverse effects on your skin. It affects the natural moisturizing function of our skin, leading to dryness & roughness. Also, the excessive expansion of blood vessels may change the skin color and can be an indicator that your weight has increased beyond a safe level.


    In people suffering from obesity, the fat that accumulates near the abdomen pushes the stomach inwards, causing an upward movement of the fluids inside towards the food pipe. Thus, causing a frequent acid reflux disorder or GERD. If you are suffering from frequent heartburn and acidity, it might be an indicator that you are gaining unhealthy weight.

    Varicose Veins

    Excess body weight tends to put pressure on the veins in our legs by restricting the upward blood flow and pressurizing the veins and valves, making them enlarged or swollen. Appearance of these varicose veins on your thighs and ankles can be an early indicator of obesity and you should consider meeting a health coach to chalk out a weight loss regimen.

    Healthy ways to lose weight

    The best way to lose weight is to go slow and steady. Any diet or exercise regimen that claims to reduce weight in a short span of time may give you good results but will not be sustainable and healthy. Moreover, any sudden change in your body function may cause other health problems in the future. Here are a few good and healthy ways to reduce weight to start with:

    • Good diet add-ons - To lose weight the first step is to eat right. Make your meals protein rich and add sources of soluble fiber to your diet. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer by acting on your satiety hormones, hence, reducing hunger and the need for eating frequently. Fiber takes care of the digestive health and assists in overall weight loss, specially working on your waistline. Besides this, adding good fats like monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and Omega 3 to your diet also helps in healthy weight loss.
    • Cutting back - Simply switching to a healthy diet is not enough, you also need to cut back on the unhealthy stuff like fatty foods, sugars, simple carbs, fried food, junk food, and alcohol to achieve good and faster results. Sugary liquids, like juices, aerated drinks, etc. should be completely avoided, as these liquids result in faster absorption of sugar by the body.
    • Portion Control - When you skip a meal or eat after a long time, you tend to eat more than the usual. All nutrition and health coaches suggest that eating smaller portions within smaller intervals helps fight major hunger. Eating with portion control keeps us satiated and helps curb overeating.
    • Exercise - A weight loss plan is incomplete without physical workout. Pick any form that suits you - from simple running, jogging, and cardio to weight training, yoga, and aerobics, your mantra should be to get fit and get active. When combined with a healthy diet, a fitness regimen can help realize your goal of healthy weight management. Consulting a health and wellness coach can assist you in finding the right exercises for your body.
    • Sleep Well - It’s been known for a long time now that sleep and weight loss have a deep relation. Studies have shown that having less sleep or disrupted sleep slows down the weight loss process. Hence, it is important to have adequate and quality sleep. If you are not sleeping well, seek help from a health and wellness coach for sleep support.
    • Drink Up - Water has proven effectiveness in weight loss. There are numerous benefits of drinking water for weight loss, it suppresses appetite, keeps digestive system on track, and helps detoxify your system. Water is a 100% calorie-free drink that can replace sugary drinks and enhance the impact if you add healthy ingredients like honey, lemon, cucumber, coriander, cumin seeds, carom seeds, etc.

    Choosing a diet plan

    Picking a weight loss plan requires focusing on factors unique to your body's needs. In that sense, choosing a diet plan is like picking a dress. Not every dress suits every person and there are certain factors to consider, as is the case with diet plans.


    Starting a new diet plan demands giving up junk and adding super foods to your diet. But not all super foods suit everyone. You might discover that you are allergic to certain diet components. Continue eating them without supervision or consultation and you may end up dealing with completely new health issues. So, before you add a new ingredient to your diet check with a health coach to make sure it suits your body.

    Medical Problems

    You also have to consider any underlying medical condition or disorder that may hamper your diet and exercise plans. For example, cinnamon is considered good for weight loss but it may interfere with your sugar levels. A health coach can help you make sure you are eating the right thing and in right quantity.


    Considering your lifestyle, habits, and work commitments, your weight loss plan needs to be flexible and yet able to achieve the desired results. Coaches can help you make custom weight loss plans that fit your needs and are effective in the long term.


    Always pick a plan that caters to your likes and dislikes. It is important to like what you eat and how you exercise to continue with a plan and get fruitful results. Most weight loss plans fail because they include things which are not enjoyable for the person implementing them.


    Weight loss or no weight loss, everyone needs a balanced diet! Specially when you are looking for a major weight loss and body changes. Make sure that you are getting balanced and nutritious diet, consult a health coach instead of resorting to steep cut in calories and reduction of certain key nutrients.

    Physical Workout

    A good diet plan will not focus on just food. Any kind of physical activity along with good diet is the key to achieving weight loss targets. An expert can help you select the best form of workout that goes with your diet plan, considering factors like, age, medical health, lifestyle, etc.

    Coaching for Weight Loss

    The Internet, books, and magazines are full weight loss programs and diet plans. Each claiming effectiveness and promising successful results. But what suits your body can only be determined through a holistic wellness score. A health and wellness coach will be able to understand what your body needs and help you start a safe and successful weight loss journey.

    So, how does a health and wellness coach help you lose weight?

    • Identifying the root cause of weight gain instead of simply focusing on the symptoms
    • Performing a personalized body evaluation and assigning a holistic health score
    • Helping you understand how lifestyle problems like anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, and lack of sleep contribute to weight gain
    • Empowering you with specific lifestyle skills to enable permanent weight loss
    • Creating a personalized nutrition plan that caters to your lifestyle, age, and nutritional needs
    • Anchoring healthy lifestyle habits based on evidence and backed by science
    • Creating a personalized exercise plan that makes it fun to workout
    • Supporting you throughout the entire weight loss process
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    Preeti and her team are doing groundbreaking work in personal health management and preventing lifestyle diseases in India. Preeti Rao’s key professional accolades include:
    • Integrative Health Expert, USA
    • Worksite Wellness Expert, USA
    • Integrative Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant, USA
    • 20 + National and International Experience in leading Integrative Health Centers, Hospitals, Corporates and Insurance Companies
    • Former Reebok Brand Ambassador, India.
    • Former Health & Wellness Coach & Expert at Max Hospitals World
    • "Women Transforming India" Award, Niti Ayog and United Nation
    • Winner of “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur- Health” Award, ASSOCHAM
    • Best Wellness Coach, Navi Mumbai Chamber of Commerce
    • Presenter, speaker and panelist in leading TV Channels, Industry Events and Conference

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    “Change does not happen over night. Change is a process. There are no magic pills or medications that can completely eradicate your health and wellness concerns.

    Together in partnership, we eradicate the root cause of disease and reduce the changes of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioural changes that last a lifetime” – Preeti Rao

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