You’ve learned the coaching skills and are ready to start your coaching business, look no further! We have you covered.

    Our Coaching Business Mastery Program equips you with all the necessary skills required to not only set up your business but also how to market your coaching services. The program is offered in collaboration with Sharda Launch Pad.

    Who Should Do This Program?

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    • Business, executive, leadership, nutrition, fitness, and health and wellness coaches who wish to set up a profitable personal practice and business.
    • You have the knowledge and are the subject matter expert in your domain but are struggling to get started.
    • If you’ve tried to start or have started but have not managed to grow your coaching practice.

    What We Offer?


    Session 1: Branding vs. Business Development

    • Understanding the significance of Brand Building
    • Development of Brand Guidelines (Logos, Punchlines, Brand Framework)
    • ATL vs BTL activities
    • Business Development (Premium vs luxury vs super luxury)
    • Marketing Mix for Wellness Coaching
    financial management

    Session 2: Promotion of Wellness Coaching Business in the Digital Era

    • Digital Strategy Planning & Deployment
    • Setting up your CRM, website hosting, and domain registration
    • Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC
    • Content Development & promotion. Monetize your content
    bussiness plan

    Session 3: Effective use of tools & techniques for managing business operations

    • Using online platforms/tools/software for managing your business
    • Tools for developing consumer journey mapping / sales funnel management / process flow charts / business communication management.
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    Session 4: Review Sessions

    • Review sessions of 90-120 min each will be conducted between modules. During these sessions, participants will present their work on their business plans, and constructive feedback will be provided.
    Online sessions lectures

    What Will You GET?

    • Online sessions/ lectures and interactions on the Weljii Education Platform with national faculty members of repute
    • Network with your classmates, collaborate, and brain-storm on your ideas
    • 3 Review sessions of 90-120 min. each in between the modules where participants will present the work done on their business plan such as market survey, value propositions, customer and market segmentation, GTM strategy, etc. Feedback will be given during the session so that by the end of all the modules you have an improved version of the plan.

    A Sneak Preview of Our Esteemed Faculty Members

    Amit Sehgal

    Dr. Amit Sehgal

    Director, Sharda Launchpad Federation Professor, Sharda University

    Hari Shankar Shyam

    Dr. Hari Shankar Shyam

    International Corporate Trainer, Educationist, Business Consultant, and Market Researcher.

    Benefits of the Program

    Joint Certification of Completion by Sharda Launchpad and Weljii endorsed with a logo of the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) an initiative of the Ministry of Education. Additional benefits at a subsidized cost:

    • Integrated business setup supports.
    • Company registration with quarterly and annual compliance including GST.
    • Digital design and digital marketing, website/mobile app development.
    • Trademark, copyright, logo design, and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) services.

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