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    Getting Coached on Sleep Support takes you from restless, insufficient sleep to rejuvenating sleep. I will help you develop a positive relationship with sleep and enable you to overcome all obstacles that come in your way for a restful night of sleep bliss!

    Coaching with Preeti Rao, World Renowned Integrative Health Expert & Wellness Coach

    What You Get?:

    • Get assistance in identifying the root cause and core reasons for your sleepless nights
    • Get informed about the importance of sleep and its relation with vibrant health and your personal well-being
    • Reduce dependence on sleeping pills and get empowered with tools and resources that will enable you to sleep deeply
    • Understand the relationship between poor sleep and nutrition, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and work-life balance.
    • Develop healthy lifestyle modifications that will enable you to sleep deeply and improve your overall quality of life and longevity.
    • Stay motivated and get support in harnessing healthy sleep hygiene and habits

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    Preeti and her team are doing groundbreaking work in personal health management and preventing lifestyle diseases in India. Preeti Rao’s key professional accolades include:
    • Integrative Health Expert, USA
    • Worksite Wellness Expert, USA
    • Integrative Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant, USA
    • 20 + National and International Experience in leading Integrative Health Centers, Hospitals, Corporates and Insurance Companies
    • Former Reebok Brand Ambassador, India.
    • Former Health & Wellness Coach & Expert at Max Hospitals World
    • Winner of “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur- Health” Award, ASSOCHAM
    • Presenter, speaker and panelist in leading TV Channels, Industry Events and Conference

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    “Change does not happen over night. Change is a process. There are no magic pills or medications that can completely eradicate your health and wellness concerns.

    Together in partnership, we eradicate the root cause of disease and reduce the changes of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioural changes that last a lifetime” – Preeti Rao

    *Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.

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