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    Personal improvement incorporates self-growth and development that enhances every aspect of your life. A Weljii health and wellness coach works with you to create a holistic growth strategy for your mind, body, and soul. Designed by integrative health expert and wellness coach, Preeti Rao, the program helps enhance your self-awareness and brings acceptance towards self-change that matches your beliefs, values, and purpose in life.

    What You Get?:

    • Identifying the behavioral reasons that are holding you back in life
    • Creating a 360° perspective of your life to determine your holistic wellness score
    • A personal improvement plan that matches your beliefs, values, and purpose
    • Reinforcing support for prioritizing things that matter the most in your life and eliminating things that put your personal development off-track
    • Help in improving effectiveness and focus on personal development through proven scientific techniques
    • Guidance in developing healthier and happier relationships through personal improvement

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    Personal Improvement

    Perfect is just an expression, there is nothing which is perfectly perfect. Life is all about growing. Growth never stops because there is no limit to improve yourself. As human beings we always have a chance to make ourselves better. All we need to do is aim for personal improvement and work towards it.

    Understanding Personal Growth and Development

    Personal growth and development means improving our physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual self. It includes the enhancement of personal virtues and how we feel about ourselves. Personal improvement focusses on positive and better life skills and eventually building healthy self-esteem.

    Personal growth is a long process that continues throughout our life. In this process one continually assesses the growth and takes actions for developing, improving, and setting goals. The initial process of growth starts at home with the family and later through education. Growth that happens in this phase lays the foundation of your personality which continues to evolve with exposure to better information and experiences as we progress in life and career.

    Personal growth and development enhances existing skills or develops new skills which make you feel more productive and raises the level of self-satisfaction. Increase in the feeling of self-satisfaction makes people believe in themselves, solving many life issues with ease. People may have a need for personal growth and development in many scenarios, like when they have been undergoing a dull phase relating to their professional life, personal life, financial status, health-wise, spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically.

    Personal growth and development are also desired by people who wish to excel in all spheres of life.

    Is personal growth really that valuable?

    You are happy in your life with your career, home, and society. You may feel that personal growth is all just a concept. In such a case spending time on personal development may sound a waste of time and efforts. You may feel you are satisfied, hence, there is no scope for growth. But this is not entirely correct!

    Understanding and assessing oneself is important to know what you are, what you want to be, and what you become. Answering these questions will make us realize that there is always scope for improvement.

    Sometimes the conditions change and affect the goals that we set for ourselves. Assessing personal growth helps us work on the loopholes and brings us closer to our ambition. Few reasons why one should opt for personal growth plan are:

    • Personal growth helps you become a better individual. It is a process of improvement that induces positivity and confidence.
    • It also benefits the people around you by making you more compassionate, loving, understanding, and supportive.
    • It gives purpose to your life, keeping you focussed and active.
    • It helps assess your progress from time to time, hence keeping you from deviating off the road to personal achievements.
    • Self growth and development lets you spend time with yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life, connecting you with yourself.
    • Self growth is self-care and self-love. Before you head out to help others, help yourself.

    Improving your personal growth and development

    Once you decide upon a growth & development plan, the first step is to understand the goal. Not all people are the same, so your need for personal improvement may differ significantly from another person with similar goals. Which means you may need different techniques to achieve what you have aimed for.

    Before you formulate a personal improvement plan, study yourself closely. Dig into your psyche for your strengths and weaknesses and pick your targets accordingly. Make sure the short-term and long-term targets you pick are reasonable and you are motivated enough to achieve them. The goals you set should be based on your inner desire to improve and should make you happy and content once achieved.

    There are several ways you can make sure your personal improvement plan becomes successful:

    Study Yourself

    Before you start chalking down a plan, look within for things where you have the most room for improvement. This will help in setting the right goals from the very beginning.

    Be Confident

    When you start the journey of personal improvement, stay confident that you will achieve the goals. Trust the process and do not give in to negative thoughts that may affect your progress.

    Try Something New

    When you are in the process of growth never hesitate to try something new. Isn’t this what you have signed up for? To try new things, learn new things and help yourself grow towards new areas of life.

    Learn from Mistakes

    Personal growth is an expedition and in this you might take steps that may prove wrong. You will make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you give up the whole thing. You need to overcome the feeling of failure and move forward.

    Be True to Yourself

    On this ride to growth honesty is your partner. Right from the time you start till you end you have to be true to yourself. Lying to yourself while selecting goals or during the plan or assessing yourself will only mislead you. You are your own judge! Being honest is the only way to make this journey successful.


    Just to be sure that you have judged yourself correctly ask for feedback from your family, friends, colleagues and people you look up to. This will give you a fair judgement of development that you have been making. This will help you make any interim changes in the plan, if needed.


    The purpose of growth & development plan is to reach inner peace by making yourself a better person, which is best achieved by connecting to yourself. Meditating can help you talk to your inner self; understand your desires; know your weaknesses, strengths, and fears.

    Coaching for Personal Improvement

    While you can find plenty of self-grooming programs online, their effectiveness is limited as they lack the personal, supportive touch that a coach can offer. Health and wellness coaching covers almost all aspects of your life, including personal improvement coaching. With help from a health and wellness coach you can create and follow a holistic growth strategy for your mind, body, and soul. Here’s how personal improvement coaching with a designated health and wellness coach will work,

    • Identification of behavioral reasons that are holding you back in life
    • Creation of a holistic personal improvement plan that takes into account your behavior, habits and quirks and matches your beliefs, values, and purpose
    • Reinforcing support for things that matter to you and eliminating distractions that take your personal improvement plan off-track
    • Use of scientific techniques to keep you focused on personal improvement through a process driven approach
    • Guidance in developing healthier and happier relationships through personal improvement
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    Preeti and her team are doing groundbreaking work in personal health management and preventing lifestyle diseases in India. Preeti Rao’s key professional accolades include:
    • Integrative Health Expert, USA
    • Worksite Wellness Expert, USA
    • Integrative Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant, USA
    • 20 + National and International Experience in leading Integrative Health Centers, Hospitals, Corporates and Insurance Companies
    • Former Reebok Brand Ambassador, India.
    • Former Health & Wellness Coach & Expert at Max Hospitals World
    • "Women Transforming India" Award, Niti Ayog and United Nation
    • Winner of “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur- Health” Award, ASSOCHAM
    • Best Wellness Coach, Navi Mumbai Chamber of Commerce
    • Presenter, speaker and panelist in leading TV Channels, Industry Events and Conference

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    “Change does not happen over night. Change is a process. There are no magic pills or medications that can completely eradicate your health and wellness concerns.

    Together in partnership, we eradicate the root cause of disease and reduce the changes of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioural changes that last a lifetime” – Preeti Rao

    *Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.

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