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    We need more qualified health coaches today than ever before

    Most people know that their lifestyle diseases are caused by poor lifestyle habits such as sedentary living, unhealthy eating, smoking, alcoholism, lack of sleep, and mental stress, but struggle to make a positive change.

    Learn to become a health & wellness coach

    With rising awareness about lifestyle diseases, the demand for health & wellness coaches has also risen. Health & wellness coaches are working in wellness programs for hospitals, clinics, communities, and corporations. Health & wellness coaching is also among the fastest growing professions around the world and can be the most rewarding career choice you make today.

    What is health & wellness coaching?

    Health & wellness coaches empower their clients by helping them discover a unique path towards personal wellbeing. The self-determined action plan includes step-by-step progress towards goals for achieving a healthy, fulfilling life. The clients are supported through an evidence-based methodology, including powerful coaching dialogue, so they can tap into their internal strengths and identify external resources. The self-managing strategies deployed by health & wellness coaches make it possible for the client to successfully adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle changes, despite repeated failed attempts in the past.

    Depending on the health coach’s experience and credentials, health & wellness coaching may also include guidance for diet and nutrition, physical exercise, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

    What separates coaching from psychotherapy or conventional education is how the coach holds the client’s interest. The coach keeps the client’s interest foremost. The coach does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. They see their clients from a holistic standpoint, honoring their personal insights and choices, and trusting their resourcefulness to make positive change. Coaches are experts in behavioral change that encompasses accountability and self-responsible actions. While serving their clients and healthcare teams, they too adhere to an ethical code of conduct and role model a holistic self-care practice themselves.

    Our award-winning Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program provides the skill set, core competencies, and practical knowledge needed to transform your passion for helping others into a lucrative career. Do what you love the most – CHANGE LIVES!

    Weljii’s health & wellness coach training program follows stringent international standards and guidelines, and is the only NBHWC, USA approved health coach certification program in India.

    coaching program

    For ease of learning and flexibility,
    we offer this program in 3 levels


    Level 1

    Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program

    Duration: 5 Months | Delivery: 100% Online

    • Learn from India’s leading integrative health expert and wellness coach Preeti Rao (M.A., M.S.)
    • Learn about taking a whole person holistic approach for recovery
    • Experiential learning for planning, goal setting, and establishing client accountability
    • Includes real life coaching demonstrations
    • Includes live sessions by national and international health & wellness experts
    • Learn about buddy coaching
    • Packed with resources and learning tools

    Level 2

    Healthy Living and Lifestyle Management

    Duration: 2 Months | Delivery: 100% Online

    • Learn to identify 5 major risk factors – sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, stress, and poor nutrition
    • Understand basic biometric measures for recovery
    • Learn about nutrition and healthy weight management, role of physical activity, sleep, and emotional wellness
    • Understand the role of behavioral risk factors and stress management
    • Access recorded lectures by India’s leading integrative health expert and wellness coach, Preeti Rao (M.A., M.S.)
    • Know more about the latest research in health & wellness industry
    • Access online tools for practice
    Lifestyle Management
    Health and Wellness Coach Program

    Level 3

    Advance Health and Wellness Coach Program

    Duration: 2 Months | Delivery: 100% Online

    • Learn advanced coaching skills
    • Learn about creating a successful coaching business model and pitch
    • One-on-one mentoring by faculty for every student
    • Receive expert feedback on your health coaching skills to improve further
    • Access recorded lectures on health & wellness from our global faculty
    • Graduate as an NBHWC certified health coach*

    * Participates of the program shall be eligible to sit for the NBHWC, USA National Board Exam post completing of all course levels.

    Ideal for

    • Individuals working in healthcare, who wish to expand their options with health & wellness coaching
    • Health educators who wish to learn about the latest research and skills in coaching psychology
    • Anyone with a desire to work in healthcare but is lacking a clinical degree
    • Also ideal for physical therapists, nurses, doctors, ayurvedic practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, counselors, physicians, human resource managers, psychologists, personal trainers, and alternative therapy practitioners
    Health & wellness coaching idea for

    We are proud to report that this training is aligned with the following quality standards and credentialing organizations.

    The Weljii Health & Wellness Coach training & certification program follows the standards and guidelines set forth by the NBHWC, USA.

    Wellness Jiva Private Limited - Health and Wellness Coach Program” is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

    Those who successfully complete this training are eligible to sit for the U.S. NBHWC Health and Wellness Coach Board Certification Examination.

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