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    Arpita Mukherjee (VP Max-Healthcare)
    Suraj Joseph

    Words cannot explain the life changing impact you have had on my life. Before joining the program I was sceptical about its effectiveness. But my colleagues at Max Healthcare were confident that I will come back for more, and come back I did. My perspective changed almost immediately after the first talk. All my questions related to diet and nutrition were addressed in detail. Your queries were not only realistic and meaningful but also paved the way for me to understand the effects my lifestyle and habits were having on my body. The advice I received from you has changed my life and I thank you for the lovely experience and the motivation you have given me to live better.

    Sahil Miglani

    It was an amazing experience visiting at the Max Hospital Panchsheel Park. I have been counselled by the doctors, but today I met Weljii Coach, an amazing clinical nutritionist and a Health and Wellness Coach. She solved each and every query I had in a very nice way. She makes the patient understand the things in a very convincing manner. She is a very good asset to the Max Hospital group.

    Tiina Tiitinen

    I loved this course! I felt that I learned so much about myself too while I studied all wellness basics.
    Julie was very patient and kind and a positive teacher. If I did not believe in myself, she did and encouraged me in a way that I understood & felt that “Hell yeah, I can do it!” Amazing person!
    Everything was very well organized by Weljii. Prerna, an amazing and understanding person, always there, when you need her advice. Preeti, such a beautiful role model! Wow, what a woman!
    Thank you for everything! I will recommend this course from the bottom of my heart. Do it!

    Ritika Yadav

    I wanted to lose weight for some time now and approached Weljii for its novel approach to weight loss. It’s been an incredible 4.5 months. The best thing that I learnt in this journey was to keep moving forward, overcome obstacles and take each experience as a learning. My Coach was a great support and ally and was with me at each step.
    Coaching Results: Lost 22 kgs and very close to ideal body weight. Body Fat and Muscle Mass within normal range now. No. of sessions: 18

    Prerna Srivastava

    I approached the Weljii coach to help in improving my nutritional status. The Weljii holistic approach allowed me to tackle this issue in a very realistic and self directed manner. I am currently following my set goals for improved self care practices.
    Coaching Results: Gained around 3 kgs and very close to my Ideal body weight. Improved self care practices. Eating breakfast everyday as opposed to skipping it every day. Time management has improved by 50%, which was one of the goals. No. of sessions: 5

    Supriya Singh

    Health and Wellness coaching was a novel concept for me. I tried it out and realised that it could help me in the one thing that I had long wanted to i.e. Improved Social Interactions My experience was truly transformational, both personally and professionally. These sessions have taken my professional competence to a new high.
    Coaching Results: I learnt to face my fears and derive learnings from these experiences. My confidence in initiating and maintaining social contacts along with self awareness has doubled and I am very pleased with my progress. No. of sessions: 5

    Girish Singh

    My main health goals were lowering my blood pressure and weight loss. Weljii Wellness Coach Team encouraged and supported me in trying new and different approaches to nutrition & diet that I had never tried before.
    Coaching Results: Blood pressure reading now 125/85 as opposed to 140/90 earlier reading. Lost 4 kgs and 1% body fat. Muscle mass has started increasing. No. of sessions: 5

    Lovekesh Sharma

    I was battling severe acidity issues. My initial thought was just to get a diet chart. Weljii Coach helped me see the interconnection between various facets of my life. The biggest difference has been in my stress levels. I had never imagined that working on this could make such a huge difference in my Quality of Life
    Coaching Results: My stress level has reduced by as much as 70% and my acidity has improved as much by 40%. Lost 4 kgs and dropped visceral fat by 1%. No. of sessions: 5

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