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Weljii Insurance

Weljii provides cutting edge wellness/health coaching expertise packed with, behavioral change tools, wellness coach rogram consultation, resources and Health -Wellness coaching programs that lead to better client/ patient engagement, retention and improved health outcomes leading to overall wellness at Weljii Centre, Strategic Partner Locations and Industry Healthcare Clients. Our Health and Wellness Coaching Model provides a systematic framework for healthcare professionals and beyond to work with their clients and patients in facilitating sustainable lifestyle behavioral changes that leads to prevention and management of lifestyle diseases.

Insurance Features:


A unique Health & Wellness Coaching support module focused on Behavior Change addresses the inefficiencies in most Wellness Programs


Weljii’s content can be seamlessly integrated with video, telephonic and chat coaching sessions driving member accountability and generates report on member activity and coaching performance


5 real time HIPPA-compliant track health demographics, user rates, and member engagements.

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Welji app is the easiest and most effective way to build a healthy lifestyle. It helps you build healthy habits and enables easy fulfilment of all your health needs, be it food, fitness or meditation.