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    Fitness and its importance

    Fitness is a common term used for person’s physical health. But what exactly is fitness? Being fit or having good fitness level is to have good stamina, strength to perform day-to-day tasks while fighting against lifestyle diseases, lethargy and stress.

    When we say fitness, it may mean three kinds- the cardio-respiratory, muscular and flexibility. Cardio-respiratory is the capacity of the body to supply oxygen and fuel to the muscles at the time of vigorous physical activity. Performing activities that raise heart beat and keeps it up for some time are the ones that help increase cardio-respiratory endurance. Muscular strength is the measure of how long a person can perform a set of activities without getting tired. Also muscular endurance is important part of physical fitness. It is for how long muscles can endure an extended period of time performing physical work without fatigue. Flexibility, is the ease with which one can do daily tasks from as simple as getting up without pain to working out in gym or lifting heavy weight without damaging your back and knees.

    All of the above comes from nutritious food and regular exercise. Maintaining it is a must because it makes our life quality better and help stay away from lifestyle diseases. There are numerous reasons why fitness has proven to be important for us. The best 10 are listed below:


    People who are fit are more flexible than the others. Fitness brings flexibility and flexibility brings strength to do daily things effortlessly.

    Takes care of joints

    Fitness achieved via exercising build up strength in joints and muscles around it. It reduces stiffness and keeps movement smooth.

    Fights weight

    Excess weight brings lethargy, discomfort and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases. Keeping body fit keeps away unwanted weight at bay.

    Makes muscle stronger

    Not just the joints, muscles too need to be strong and supple to make movement easy, specially in old age. This is achieved only by keeping fit from younger age.

    Mental health

    When a person is physically fit, he/she feels fit. It keeps them happy and connected to their wellness. Reduce chances of stress, anxiety and falling into depression.


    Physical fitness keeps up the metabolism, digestion and bowel movement. This allows stomach to stay trouble-free.

    Life expectancy

    Being fit calls for physical activity that keeps one healthy. A healthy life reduces risk of premature mortality due to diseases and increases life expectancy.

    Risk of injury

    It is obvious people who are fit are less likely to break a joint or tear a muscle in small accident, because good fitness ensures strong healthy muscles, strong bones, flexibility and stability.

    Social interaction

    Anyone who is physically fit and healthy will have more chances to go out, socialize and do more activities. In such case no illness or discomfort can act as a barrier.

    Balancing fitness with a busy life

    After knowing the importance of staying fit most people would like to step forward and take action for it. But not all have enough time in their busy schedule to take out time for physical activities. So actions for fitness have to be customized and integrated with daily chores.

    Pick a Morning Slot

    If fitness has to be achieved you might have to go extra mile. Wake up one hour before your usual time to fit in workout time. Doing it first thing in the morning will ensure you do not miss it later in the day due to late working hours or doing other important tasks.


    To make fitness routine a part of your life, make it a priority. Plan in which part of the day you think it’s more convenient. Then try to schedule other things around it. This way you will have lesser chances of failing to follow your fitness plan.

    Find a partner

    Be it your spouse, friend or a family member, do it with someone, so that you can inspire and motivate each other. This way if one tries to skip a day in routine the other can push and avoid breaking the cycle.

    Small efforts

    Not just physical workout but there are little ways which can contribute in being physically active.

    • When on mobile phone try to walk and talk.
    • Take stairs if you can, rather than taking elevator or escalators.
    • Park your car a little far from destination.
    • You could skip a ride on vehicle for walking distances.
    • While waiting for a call or email, take a minute and do stretching exercises on your seat.
    • Do bed exercises while spending time on mobile or watching television.
    • Plan physical activities like trekking, swimming, playing running games, visit to zoo or cycling for family outings.
    • Use cycle instead of scooter if you can.

    These and many more will not steal a lot of time but will contribute to fitness in the long run.

    Ways to improve fitness routine

    You can’t get a good fitness routine set in a day. Start slow and understand what your body wants and what it can take. Plan accordingly and try to improve. There are few ways which can help build up a good fitness plan for achievable targets.

    Start with Smaller Goals

    Set a goal but a realistic one. Moving from sedentary to a fit lifestyle will not be simple, so go easy on yourself. Initially select unchallenging workout options with smaller time duration. As strength builds, slowly increase the intensity and duration of workout.

    Weight Training

    Cardio is good when you are looking for fat loss. Once you gear up on cardio, do it but also include weight training after that. Weight training helps build muscle strength and holding in position helps increase endurance. It is not just important to lose fat, it is also important to build those muscles strong.

    Musical Help

    Music can be a great workout buddy during and after the session. The ones who have tried can tell that fast and motivating music helps through a tough workout time. It rushes adrenalin and help in going beyond the comfort level. Similarly, a soft, relaxing music of your choice after exercising can help relax, fight fatigue and help muscle recovery.

    Pre-workout Carbs Fill

    Carbs act as a fuel for our body. All physical activities can be accomplished easily only if there is enough energy-producing carbohydrates in the body. The same if taken before exercise, will fuel up and boost performance with lesser fatigue.

    Try Different Forms

    There is no rule to stick to one kind of fitness routine. Keep changing from time to time to avoid monotony. This way the body will get chance to react differently to each form and you will be able to find out which kind of exercise works well for you and gives better results.

    Recovery is the Key

    Do not over-strain your body. Too much exercise may cause fatigue and breakdown. While we workout, our muscles go through wears & tears. We need to give it time to recover from it. If the routine is straining a lot, take a break, relax and start again.

    Sleep Well

    Have a good night’s sleep each day you workout. Sleeping well helps relaxing, recovering and builds strength to come back tomorrow and perform again. You do not want to go to a session tired and in pain. This will only exert more pressure on muscles.

    Go for a Massage

    Massage will not only make you feel good after a tiresome workout session but will also help you recover. For a body to adapt to the routine and give desired results it is important to relax it. Not just this, a good massage will also help reduce inflammation, if any.

    Night Time Protein

    Proteins help in the cell building function of the body. Night is the time to sleep and recover. Having proteins in night or before sleeping help in building back the muscles and preparing for the next day.

    Drink Water

    Everyone sweats while working out and lose fluids from their body. So it is important to have water while and after exercising, because dehydration can create fatigue and lower down your stamina. Water will not just keep up the fluid level but also help achieve the target of losing weight and staying fit.

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