“Weljii provides cutting edge wellness/health coaching expertise packed with, behavioral change tools, wellness coach program consultation and resources.”

For Insurance Providers

Weljii’s Health and Wellness Coaching programs lead to better client/ patient engagement, retention and improved health outcomes leading to overall wellness at Weljii, Strategic Partner Locations and Industry Healthcare Clients. Our Health and Wellness Coaching Model provides a systematic framework for healthcare professionals and beyond to work with their clients and patients in facilitating sustainable lifestyle behavioral changes that leads to prevention and management of lifestyle diseases.

For Corporates

We co-create a wellness program that aligns with your organization culture and ensure long-term program sustainability. We assist in identifying people who are at risk of developing or who have developed “lifestyle diseases” – illness that is related to lifestyle behavior and can be helped by lifestyle improvement – and partner with you to offer health and wellness coaching powered wellness programs on stress management, healthy eating, weight management, quit smoking, technology detoxification, disease prevention and much more.

We can assist your organization in program design and implementation to ensure

  • Sustainable Behavior Change

    Sustainable Behavior Change

  • Improved Overall Wellness

  • Improved Health Outcomes

  • Whole Person Approach

  • High Program Participation

  • ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Increased Employee Presenteeism

  • Reduced Health Care/Medical Costs

  • Reduced Employee Turnover

  • Increased Productivity

The focus is on participants’ goals and desires for changes, empowering clients/employees to change their behaviors and lower their health risk is where the focus is and needs to be.


Personalized Health & Wellness Coaching

A unique Health and Wellness Coaching support approach focused on Behavior Change addresses the inefficiencies in most Wellness Programs

Programs Designed by International Experts

Get access to program designed by international expert of repute, that align with your organizational goals

Community Support

Our programs are anchored on community support to encourage participation and foster active engagement by participants by co-sharing of success stories

Wellness Workshops

Weljii Dialogue, our signature product focuses on experimental learning, workshops & seminars that anchor lifestyle habit change.

Group Coaching

Through group coaching, participants can find supportive environment that fosters overcoming personal challenges & facilitates sustainable growth. This powerful technique increases participant’s success efficacy.

Intrinsic Motivation

Participant finds intrinsic motivation to behavior change driven by internal rewards and not influences by external and social factors.

Coaching Options

Each Employee can work with Weljii’s Internationally trained Health & Wellness Coach, based on their health goals, biomarkers, desired coaching style and availability.

*Individual results vary. Specific Outcomes may not occur.

Ready to promote Sustainable Behavioral Change for your employees? Get in touch with Weljii now!

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