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    Dr Vanaja Putta

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    Cancer Recovery Support Coach


    After recovering from breast cancer, Dr Vanaja Putta listened to her true calling and left the corporate world to become a cancer recovery support coach. With the thought of helping people to mend better health, she came to Wellji’s health and wellness coach certification program.

    Her personal experience, combined with her enthusiasm for helping people, brought her to Weljii. Her motivation to work as a health coach, combined with the systemised learnings provided by Welljii, helped her make meaningful contributions to her client’s holistic wellbeing. Let's hear from Dr Vanaja Putta about her journey with Welljii and her learnings through our program.

    Why did you join Health Coaching?

    After being associated with the corporate world for almost 19 years, life took a different turn, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While going through my treatment, I came across many patients suffering from lifestyle diseases and understood that good support and positive behavioural changes are essential to managing such health conditions. That's when I decided to become a Cancer Recovery Support Coach.

    As I was determined to work in this field to help these people balance their health more, I came across "Welljii" and have never looked back from there. Well,”s health and wellness program had the right tools and learnings that would permit. Me to work systematically with the better projection of my working style; being new to this field, this program has been a good decision as now I am more framed and focused on dealing with clients who are going through some kind of situation.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your profession?

    Health and Wellness Certification Program from Wellji, has helped me understand the entire concept of a health and wellness coach, with a better framework and knowledge of dealing with clients issues. More precisely, it has boosted my confidence as a newcomer in this field.

    How has Health coaching contributed to your personality?

    Being totally from a different working sector, health coaching has helped me improve myself in dealing with clients’ health conditions, making them understand the importance of health management in a better way. Now, with my personal experience similar to them, I can understand their situation or related to them and then suggest what they should do and help them work towards their health. Other impacts of wellness and health coaching on the expert front, I have additionally gone through some close to home changes in improving my objectives of aiding individuals viably. While my long experience and involvement with my course of treatment helped me have a clear understanding of wellness. Health and Wellness Coaching empowered me to pass it on adequately to other people and understand their feelings, making me more open to separating things and tracking down the fundamental reason for any conduct.

    Additional Comments

    Health and wellness coaching program helped me gain a systematic manner of understanding clients, which will stay with me for the rest of my working life as a Cancer Recovery Support Coach.

    With fast pacing development and lifestyle changes, there is a lot of burden upon our health sector; a proper healthcare coach is a lot to balance this burden. As at times, consultations and suggestions about the appropriate health system are more effective than medication.

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