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    Health and Wellness Coach Certification Student


    The health and wellness certification program by Weljii has been life-changing for me and has broadened the horizon of my thinking and comprehending ability and of life in general. This training program has helped me effectively adopt a multi-dimensional approach in life for dealing with situations and circumstances in the context of health and wellness but on a very personal level. The insights provided by this institution have also shaped my personality beautifully. It has helped me inculcate the habit of reading novels and published work about health and wellness, be it nutrition or yoga and meditation, that would help me gain knowledge.

    What are the changes that have been most notable in your health and wellness certification course journey?

    It was one of the greatest learning journeys, and I fall short of words every time I am asked to describe it. The health and wellness certification program has also brought about a number of changes in me that I have been striving hard for a long time. Being from a teaching background, I never really understood the importance of being a good listener and the impact that it can have on one's life. The certification course helped me realize the importance of listening and comprehending well to empower other people with knowledge, wisdom and motivate them to do better in their lives. While interacting with someone, I now focus on deep listening rather than providing suggestions and unnecessary information. Therefore, the course has empowered me to understand newer patterns and approaches of interacting better with clients or even students, for that matter.

    How do you envision your future as a health and wellness coach? Tell us something about your long-term goals and aspirations.

    As a health and wellness coach, I plan to work as an educator in universities and simultaneously collaborate with the healthcare sector. In future, I am open to global ventures in the field of health and wellness coaching and further explore this field on a national and international level. I also wish to work with the government of India to increase the amount of awareness of this particular field and its benefits. My ultimate goal is to bring about sustainable lifestyle changes and work with organizations like Weljii to contribute to society.Last but not least, I wish to contribute to society by doing better as a health and wellness coach and provide the right guidance and inspiration.

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    "I am extremely thankful to Weljii and all its team members who have made a collaborative effort to envision this concept and bring it to the forefront."

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