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    Health and Wellness Coaching is a part of a 4-trillion-dollar industry and growing rapidly. Now You Can Have A Rewarding Career that Helps Others Achieve Vibrant Good Health.

    The newest, most exciting career opportunities in the health care sector prepare Health and Wellness Coaches as behavior change experts, helping others with the difficult task of improving lifestyle choices.

    Program Highlights

    • Duration : 2 Months
    • 100 % Online
    • Learn to identify 5 major risk factors – sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, stress, and poor nutrition
    • Understand basic biometric measures for recovery
    • Learn about nutrition and healthy weight management, role of physical activity, sleep, and emotional wellness
    • Understand the role of behavioral risk factors and stress management
    • Access recorded lectures by India’s leading integrative health expert and wellness coach, Preeti Rao (M.A., M.S.)
    • Know more about the latest research in health & wellness industry
    • Access online tools for practice

    What do you learn in this cutting-edge program?

    What makes this training program unique?

    Define health, health promotion, and disease prevention, applying a whole-person perspective

    You learn how health promotion and disease prevention programs focus on keeping people healthy. Health promotion programs aim to engage and empower individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors and make changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases and other core morbidities.

    General knowledge about healthy living is required for a coach to define, identify, recognize, discuss, and understand the various topics in a coaching conversation.


    Identify 5 major risk factors (sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, stress, poor nutrition) and their proximal causes to most common chronic conditions (obesity, hypertension, and diabetes)

    The CDC reports that 7 of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. are chronic diseases, and almost half of Americans live with at least one chronic illness (source: CDC). Based on this statistic, you will most likely work with many clients dealing with chronic conditions. Learn how in the coaching conversation, you can help your client uncover some risk factors that any chronic conditions may have exacerbated. It will be vital that you are comfortable discussing these issues with your client.

    You will learn how to identify the common chronic conditions of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammatory diseases, cancer, and chronic pain and understand their associated behavioral risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, stress, and poor nutrition.


    Understand basic biometric measures


    In this section, you shall be equipped with basic knowledge of the availability, usage, and standard ranges of common biometric screenings in the areas of blood pressure, body mass index (BMI)*, fasting glucose, Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c), and lipid panels such as high-density lipoproteins (HDL), low-density lipoproteins (LDL), total cholesterol and triglycerides.

    You will understand evidence-based prevention for a healthy weight, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and emotional wellness, reducing behavioral risk factors, stress management, and preventive lifestyle.

    Optimizing Nutrition and Healthy Weight

    While the Internet provides numerous avenues for gathering health information, you will learn how to understand and seek evidence-based resources for prevention when working with a client in this program. Understanding the optimal nutrition and healthy weight guidelines from recognized sources will give you a solid platform. The lesson shall focus on helping you to understand the basics of a healthy diet, which includes knowledge of unprocessed (or minimally processed) whole foods, lean proteins, the importance of adequate fiber, the role of fats, and the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.


    Evidence-based Nutritional Interventions

    In addition to understanding the basics of optimal nutrition and healthy weight, in this section, you will be able to recognize current evidence-based nutritional interventions for the topmost prevalent health conditions: obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. You will get familiarized with the frameworks for a healthy diet from both a conventional nutritional approach and the evolving framework of integrative nutrition, which takes into account the understanding of dietary effects on the inflammatory response underlying most chronic conditions.


    Physical Activity

    Many people know that regular physical activity helps improve overall health and fitness, but a knowledgeable coach will also recognize that risks for chronic diseases can be reduced with everyday movement. In this segment of the course, not only will you learn current recommendations for healthy adult exercise in the areas of cardiovascular activity, flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance but also learn how to support your clients by helping them navigate appropriate ways to track physical activity and ways to increase daily activity levels apart from conventional exercise.



    According to the CDC, insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. Lack of sleep is linked to traffic accidents, work injuries, and occupational errors. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, and cancer can also be exacerbated by sleep insufficiency. Quality of life and productivity may also suffer due to inadequate sleep. You will learn how to understand sleep and its important role in overall health and wellbeing and familiarity with common recommendations for healthy sleep hygiene.


    Enhancing Emotional Wellness

    Being emotionally well is more than just managing stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative. The knowledgeable coach will be mindful about what this means to their clients by having a basic understanding of emotional intelligence and its importance in the healthy management of relationships with self and others. You will learn to be an effective coach who is equipped with tools and practices for supporting emotional awareness and agility in clients. You will also gain a basic understanding of how a sense of purpose or life meaning impacts health.


    Reducing Behavioral Risk Factors

    The knowledgeable coach will understand the health consequences of common issues, including tobacco use, substance abuse, and depression. It is important to know when and how to make appropriate professional referrals for clients whose active risk behaviors exceed the scope and practice of coaching, such as alcohol abuse, prescription painkiller abuse, and other substance abuse. The coach should also recognize symptoms of depression and know how to refer for treatment.

    Stress Management

    Stress can be both positive and negative. You will learn how to recognize negative stress and leverage positive stress. High levels of negative stress can be a barrier to making healthy lifestyle changes. This course segment equips you with the basics of stress physiology, relaxation response, and stress management and helps you understand the wide variance that may occur with individual clients. You learn how to support your clients’ positive mental health, wellbeing, flourishing, and resilience. The effective coach will know several mind-body practices, such as breathing, mindfulness, imagery, and relaxation techniques.



    Learn skills needed to help clients shape goals to prevent illness and chronic conditions related to lifestyles such as hypertension, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. The coach should be familiar with current recommendations for screening for common conditions based upon age and sex.

    What makes this program different?

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    * Participates of the program shall be eligible to sit for the NBHWC, USA National Board Exam post completing of all course levels.