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10 Ways To Manage Your Stress

Frequently asked Question

A lot of people wonder why they are always stressed. They feel that regardless of the things happening in their life, whether positive or negative, they still find a way to feel stressed out. This stress is often the result of their doing. They tend to overthink and overanalyse everything; hence, they tend to see problems even when none exist.
Stress works a lot like homework. You don’t do it every day, and eventually, it’s going to pile up into a huge mess. Similarly, if you let your problems pile up; you will feel more and more stressed out. So the best solution is to deal with your problems, one at a time. Don’t let it overwhelm you.
Normally, it is not advised that you take medication for stress. This is because by taking medication, you will continue to ignore the issues at hand. Moreover, there is a possibility that you will develop a tolerance for the medication and might require a higher dosage, which eventually can lead to a lot of side effects.
Coping with your problems one at a time helps. But there are certain situations like the death of a loved one, where you may find coping very difficult. Hence, in those situations, you should try first to accept the truth of the situation, and then try to understand your feelings, and only then you should try to manage them. And you can always seek assistance from friends and family for the execution of the last part.
Relieving stress for extroverts is relatively easier since they can always talk about their emotions in a better way. With introverts, communication is harder. However, introverts too can use similar coping methods and may add exercise, reading, or coaching for stress relief. They can also talk about their issues with fellow introverts and try to help each other.